5 янв. 2011 г.

Davidelfin - Spanish fashion in New York

Successful, featuring his original style, the Spanish brand Davidelfin presented his new collection spring-summer 2011 in New York. In a favorite graphic style of the Madrid brand has found new and interesting ways of expressing the familiar theme in the men's and women's clothing line. The show started with models of the bright blue minimalist cut. The white color provides a framework for contrasting geometric lines, is clearly borrowed from the architectural designs.

Thin black tie, fall to dress up to their hips, visually lengthen the feminine silhouette. Vivid details of the belts and straps of yellow, orange and green to give a stern, at first glance, the ensemble a fresh and dynamic. Masterfully tailored pants consist of a thin triple pleating. Men dressed in long evening dresses, baring her back and muscular shoulders, and in a short contrasting vests and jackets with colored sports belts at the waist. It was very nice to observe the influence of the male wardrobe, like a business suit and tie, impeccably white shirt, a modern women's clothes, personifying a new colorful style, not without irony and coquetry!

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