19 янв. 2011 г.

Anastasia Pogudina (ANASTASIYA ANNECY)
"History is made by those who break the rules"
To be honest I used to tell the truth. Constantly talking about their town with friends, on the development of it in areas such as design and fashion, we come to a frustrating result for me, because quality work in all areas of the beauty industry virtually none.

To 1032051 people in Ufa studios account for 86 and 7, model agencies, a large number of shopping complexes, shops, etc. But the studio is almost all there is the so-called repair clothing, and model agencies to schools, models, produced a crowd of models ... in life.

But still not all that bad, in one of these schools, I learned about the talented designer and a stunning woman Anastasia Pogudin (ANASTASIYA ANNECY).
Her collection features a meticulous attention to detail, fabrics that naveivayut association with the sands of the east and the meadow flowers ...

Also, I find similarities with my favorite Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, as well as the young Alexander Wang.
Define stylistically me hard enough original design collections. But still, I believe that is the style of women 21 centuries, which have become independent and knows all the secrets of female seduction. Anastasia Pogudina really professional in their field. Her collections are constantly involved in competitions in which they receive only the first place. Special Prize at the "Volga seasons Alexander Vassiliev in Samara, the first place in the category of" pros "at the Assembly of Fashion in Moscow, a special prize at the« Eurasian Fashion Week »in Yekaterinburg, etc.
Unlike many fashion collections Ufa Anastasia comply with international standards of fashion, in my opinion, these things could easily participate in all weeks
Fashion, starting with Paris, ending Tokyo. And this is not the limit ...

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